Underfloor Surveying and Servicing

Whether you are looking to buy a park home or already living in a park home, an underfloor survey will give you peace of mind

The condition of the chassis and the supporting structure is crucially important to the stability and lifespan of a park home. Rust onset and inadequate supporting due to weight changes to the home can cause detrimental effects.

If you are also planning major works on your home it is recommended that the underneath be checked in order that it can cope with the intended load.

When is it recommended to check the chassis and supports of the home?

  • Is the park home over 10 years old?
  • Has the home undergone any major additions or alterations? (e.g. cladding, roofing, windows, bathrooms, kitchens etc.)
  • Are any major refurbishment works planned?
  • Does the home feel un-level?
  • Is the home sited within 5 miles of the coast?
  • Is the home sited in a vulnerable area? (e.g. prone to flooding)
  • Is your home exposed to the elements?
  • Does the home have ill-fitting skirting?
  • Are the floorboards creaking or squeaking?
  • Are the floors feeling bouncy?

PHCS has dedicated surveyors to carry out full inspections under the home. The survey will provide a thorough assessment of the condition of all aspects under the home, to include photographs, followed up with a comprehensive written report detailing all findings.  The report will also include any recommendations of work with quotation (only if work is required)

PHCS works with Site Managers and Residents Associations to offer discounted surveys for groups of residents on the same site, or if you have a few friends and neighbours who may also need a survey, let us know and we can agree a discounted pricing structure.

Servicing for the newer home

The Service for homes 0 – 10 years old. An MOT with written report.

PHCS offers a servicing package for all park homes that are younger than 10 years. It’s just like an MOT to check all is well and to make any adjustments where needed.

As the newer home settles or as changes within the home are made, movement occurs. This can disturb the tension of the supports and cause coach bolts to loosen. A PHCS Service will deal with these issues, restoring sufficient tautness and stability to avoid any longer term un-levelness or distortion.

The service package also includes an inspection of all other aspects under the home which will be detailed in a written report to certify that all is in good order.

We view it that prevention is better than cure, and if a chassis and supports are maintained from the outset, longer term issues are held at bay.

You can also read more about Chassis Refurbishment or PHCS SnuggerFLOOR please follow the links. Please contact us or call us on 0333 456 3056.

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