A little bit of nurture goes a long way! The chassis and supports under your home are pretty robust but environmental influences and living arrangements all have an impact on their effectiveness and stability of the home.

The Value of an Underfloor Survey

A little bit of nurture goes a long way! The chassis and supports under your home are pretty robust but environmental influences and living arrangements all have an impact on their effectiveness and stability of the home.

It’s easy to ignore the underside of the home – after all it can’t be seen, and it’s not pretty at that!

But that’s more reason to know exactly what is going on underneath. By having regular checks (by that I mean for homes over 10 years, and every 3 to 5 years thereafter) there’s every chance small issues don’t escalate to big issues, and will lessen any longer term stress and financial outlay.

Whether you already own your park home, about to sell or looking to buy, knowing the condition of the chassis and support structure provides you with peace of mind.

PHCS group survey is worth it!

“We’ve had the enviable opportunity to purchase our first park home on Middletown Residential Park in Welshpool. That was when there were only four mobile homes on site! Eleven years ago we sold our home and purchased a second larger one on the same site. There is now planning for 34 park homes so we have more neighbours now!

To maintain our home in best condition is really important to us. I am in a wheelchair so the stability of the home is also a consideration. As our home is now over 10 years, we wanted to know the state of the chassis and under the home.

It made sense to collaborate with other residents on site and collectively we arranged to PHCS to carry out underfloor surveys of our homes. Fortunately as there were more than three of us we qualified for a group discount rate of £120 each (instead of £190)

Speaking on behalf of everyone, we were really pleased with PHCS! We felt very confident with them. The surveyor was exceptional; well mannered, knowledgeable and able to provide straight answers to questions. That makes a big difference!

The added bonus is that none of the homes required any refurbishment work! We all have written reports which cover all the aspects under the home in detail, including photographs taken at the survey. To have this professional documentation is a great selling tool if ever the home is to be sold.

The underfloor survey has given us complete peace of mind that our homes are stable and secure – that is well worth the cost of the survey (discounted at that!)”

Brian Sirrell,

Middletown Residential Park

My survey saved me from buying a potential money pit!

“I was really keen to move to Willowbrook Park in Lancing where friends were already living. I had found a home for sale and was very excited as it was going to be the first home I’d ever bought! I had negotiated on price, solicitors appointed and as a last precaution I decided to have a survey done by PHCS underneath the home. I knew this was important as the chassis is the main stay of the home and PHCS came highly recommended for their credibility and competency.

PHCS carried out the underfloor survey, prepared all the written report but also explained to me all the issues of concern. The chassis was so badly corroded it would need major remedial works including welding, which would be extremely costly.

I was so disappointed especially as I had even got all the furnishings and layout of home already mapped out in my head! However I did not hesitate to walk away from the purchase. To my mind the survey fee was very well spent and PHCS did me a great favour! I was saved a huge amount of worry and costs longer term had I bought the home, notwithstanding potentially falling through the floor!

When a second home on Willowbrook Park became available I had complete trust in PHCS for their knowledge and guidance. It was a great relief that this second home was of much better condition underneath and with PHCS’s assurance I have now bought it!

Also it’s turned out better for me as I have a much nicer plot now!

I believe an underfloor survey by PHCS is definitely worth it to know exactly the condition of the underside – whether the feedback is good or bad, you are in the know!”

Trina Knight, Willowbrook Park

I feel that much safer, I don’t care if they give a storm warning now!

“I bought my park home about six years ago and it was still in its original 1989 condition. I reckoned if the wallpaper hadn’t been changed, then it was likely the chassis hadn’t been checked!

I had decided to have the home clad and was conscious that was adding more weight to the home.

Therefore I thought I should have the underneath of the home surveyed. I had previous bad experiences with some suppliers so I was determined to only employ reliable and trustworthy professionals. When the PHCS surveyor arrived on site I had absolutely no doubt about the company. He was lovely, we had a cup of tea and he took time to explain everything to me. (He was covered in spiders as nothing else had been under the home for years!) I also had a written report to explain the condition of all aspects under the home in more detail.

It transpired the home only had 6 supports when it actually needed 24! Imagine my horror! I knew it felt a bit wobbly. The chassis was also quite rusty so PHCS carried out a full chassis refurbishment and re-levelling of the home with their special PHCS HD supports.

The installation team were so efficient and fabulous boys. They were polite, happy, tidy and capable. Their conduct was like a breath of fresh air!

The survey identified the work needed under my home. It is an older home that I want to last for a lot longer still. Yes, it’s cost me money but I am now sitting here knowing everything is in good condition and I feel much, much safer!”

Joy Dredger, Naish Estate

PHCS are experts for the underside of park homes. The dedicated surveying team have inspected the underside of well over 2000 park homes – they are familiar with all makes, sizes, ages and scenarios!

Every survey is followed up with a fully detailed and thorough report (no jargon!) including photographs taken at the time of the site visit. The report will cover any recommendations of work – only if required – with written quotation, and suggested timeframes.

And, if any work needs commissioning, once the survey fee has been paid this amount will be deducted from the quoted cost of works.

The cost of an underfloor survey and report is £190 inclusive VAT

PHCS Group Underfloor Surveys

Why not group together with neighbouring residents and benefit from a group discount?

Three or more surveys and pay £120.00 (inclusive of VAT) each

(That’s £70.00 saving!)

Questions a survey will answer….

  • Is the chassis metalwork in good and safe condition?
  • Are the supports rust free and sufficient in number, size and positioning for the home?
  • Are the coach bolts sufficiently tightened?
  • Is the home level?
  • Is the base on which the home is sited satisfactory?
  • Is the timberwork in good order?
  • Are there any drainage issues with cracked or loose pipes?
  • What is the condition of the underfloor insulation?
  • Is the skirting suitable and is the regulatory airgap requirement sufficient
  • Are there any fire hazards or ventilation issues?