Exclusively for homes 10 years and younger!

The PHCS Service for Newer Home

A written report of condition and certificate of service is always provided:
• Check all coach bolts and tighten
• Check supports are in correct position for the home – and re-position if necessary
• Check and re-tension supports
• Minor repairs on waste pipes that have become dislodged or disconnected
• Clean all air vents and air bricks
• Scan concrete base
• Recommended interval for next service (generally 3-5 years)
• £180.00 inclusive of VAT

All the homes on the park are between four and six years old and we were concerned about being so close to the sea and the safety of our homes. As a group we asked PHCS to carry out their Service for the Newer Home. The engineers were informative, thorough and took time to talk to us. It is reassuring that the homes are firmer, creaks resolved, and the small leak they discovered could have gone unnoticed for a long time. The reports confirmed everything we were told. All the feedback is positive!

Val Leet. Sandbanks, N Somerset


And that’s exactly what it is – a full service or MOT for the under-side of your park home.

As with all new homes, there is an expected ‘snagging list’ of minor defects such as movement cracks,
windows slightly out of alignment, for example. These are generally visible and rectified fairly swiftly.

But it’s underneath the home and what’s happening there that isn’t so obvious or as easily detectable.

With a young home there is not the immediate concern of major structural change or damage, but as one begins to live in the home it will need to settle and accommodate this arrangement. Simple things like general walking and pathway areas, seating areas, bath or shower time, spinning washing  machine and heavy furniture will all have an impact.

With settlement and everyday living comes movement which in turn affects the stability and support underneath. Furthermore, as more and more alterations and weight imbalances are added to the home movement is greater compromised and amplified; coach bolts become loosened, supports lose tension and so forth, all of which which reduce steadiness and strength of the home over time.

There’s lots more to consider under the home too! The environment, increased exposure to the elements, and salt air can accelerate rust decay further weakening on the supporting structure.

And that’s why Park Home Chassis Services carries out a full service (MOT) to ensure the underside of your home is maintained in prime condition, and to prevent hidden faults or failings from manifesting in to longer term, costly problems.