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Re-Supporting & Re-Levelling

Re-Supporting & Re-Levelling


The supports under your home were originally positioned to the correct tolerances of the home at the time of manufacture and siting. They were positioned to meet the weight loading of the home at that point in time.


Times change and over the years we make improvements to both the interior and exterior of the home. As we enhance the look of the home, we also start to challenge the supporting structure of the home. New additions and alterations can have a significant impact on the weight distribution of the home.

Materials used have changed over the decades. We now use thicker plywood cladding, tiled roofs, double glazed windows, fixtures and fittings that are found in brick built houses rather than the original bespoke light weight kitchens, bathrooms and furniture.

That’s why it is important to ensure the home is supported correctly to cope with new loads – in the right places, with the right number and size of supports – for your individual home.

Rust corrosion is also an added demon to the support function of your home. Generally it is the supports that will rust first, particularly as old supports were made of mild steel. Be assured that we only ever use hot-dip galvanised steel supports which are resistant to rust.



Some homes may become uneven. They may slope from end to end, or side to side and will possibly have a sinking feeling. This would indicate that the home needs to be re-levelled.


If the support structure is inadequate due to insufficient support in strategic positions, or if the supports have become corroded, the support function can fail and this can result in subsidence.

Another reason may be that the surface on which the home has been sited is unstable or un-level. Even new sites can experience cracked concrete bases.


Often creaking floorboards, and doors and windows that don’t close properly indicate that supports have become loose or corroded, or that coach bolts need adjusting.

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