Experts For The Underside Of Your Park Home

Inspection of the Underside of the Home

Inspection of the Underside of the Home


Our home is our castle. We all attempt to look after our home and upgrade it as much as we can; it may be new, up-to-date and gleaming on the outside but do we really know what lurks beneath?

Whilst we know that the home is rested on a chassis and support structure, how many of us venture underneath to see what the exact condition is? Most often it is neatly disguised by attractive skirting and is out of sight.


The chassis is crucially the most important part of the home as it cannot be replaced– therefore it makes sense that it is kept in good condition!

Maintaining the underside of the home in good order will add greater stability of the home and will prolong the lifespan of it.


That’s why we offer a professional under floor inspection survey of your home to provide an accurate assessment of the situation and will offer you advice on our findings. We will never recommend work if it is not needed, but sometimes an early inspection will nip a potential problem in the bud and avoid greater issues (and expense) further down the line.

Whether you are staying in the home for the long term, want to buy a property or even selling the home, our written inspection report will give you the knowledge and advantage of exactly what you are dealing with…if at all. You may be pleasantly surprised, and you will have peace of mind in the knowing!


  • Chassis metalwork
  • Supporting structure
  • Coach bolts
  • Timberwork
  • Levelness
  • Sited base
  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Skirting
  • Ventilation/Fire hazards

PHCS works with Site Managers and Resident Associations to offer discounted surveys for groups of residents on the same site. If you have friends and neighbours who may also need a survey, let us know and we can agree a pricing structure to suit.

If you would like further information please call 0118 984 3107 or 0333 456 3056.

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