If your homes is 10 years or younger this is probably just the service your chassis needs!

Service for the Newer Home

If your homes is 10 years or younger this is probably just the service your chassis needs!

With a relatively young home it is still important to pay attention to what’s happening underneath it. The chassis and supports are what the home sits on, so keeping them in good order from the outset pays dividends longer term.

Whilst there is less concern over structural damage of the chassis in early years, movement within the home is a consideration. Due to the construction of park homes movement is inevitable and as the home becomes more ‘lived in’, there will also be changes in weight throughout the house which all impact on the chassis and supports.

This could occur from general walkways in the home, heavy furniture, white goods such as whirring washing machines and any additions such as cladding, kitchen, bathroom – you name it!

Movement will loosen the coach bolts which keep the chassis and timbers tight, and supports will lose tension. These factors alone will compromise the stability and strength of the home over time, eventually causing further weakening and un-levelling of the chassis.

That’s why the SFTNH carries out a full service ensuring everything is tight and secure, with sufficient support.

Added to which, an inspection of all other aspects under the home is carried out to ensure no other hidden niggles or problems go unnoticed. A written report and certificate of service is issued as proof of service and condition.

The PHCS Service for Newer Home

A written report of condition and certificate of service is always provided

  • Check all coach bolts and tighten
  • Check supports are in correct position for the home – and re-position if necessary
  • Check and re-tension supports
  • Minor repairs on waste pipes that have become dislodged or disconnected
  • Clean all air vents and air bricks
  • Scan concrete base
  • Recommended interval for next service (generally 3-5 years)
  • £180.00 inclusive of VAT

“Our home was only 6 years old when we bought it. We wanted peace of mind that all was well. We were really impressed by PHCS. Michael explained everything to us, prepared a written report and we are more than happy with the service carried out under the home. What a relief to know all is in perfect health!”

Mr and Mrs Bourne, Yew Tree Park