Re-Supporting & Re-Levelling

It is important that the home is fully supported to cope with the new loads – in the right places, with the right number and size of supports, at the right tolerances – for your individual home

The PHCS team are experts in re-supporting and re-levelling homes with many years’ experience working on over 2000 different park homes.

PHCS install the superior PHCS HD Supports with all work guaranteed for 10 years, transferable with new ownership.

Support challenges

When your park home was first sited, the supports were positioned ideally to the correct tolerances of the home and to meet the weight load demands at that time.

Park homes years ago were manufactured with lighter weight furniture and fittings. But trends change and homes are often modernised utilising heavier materials (e.g. cladding, roofing, double glazing, kitchens, bathrooms, wooden furniture) which challenge the original supporting structure of the home.

Rust decay also plays a crucial role in the supporting capability of the home. Older mild steel supports are very prone to rust, but most supports are susceptible to rust corrosion over time.

Other tell-tale signs

Often creaking or bouncy floorboards, and door and windows that don’t close properly, indicate that the supports have become loose or corroded, or the coach bolts need adjusting. 


Bespoke to PHCS, our branded PHCS HD Supports are unrivalled in the marketplace. They are exclusively used in all PHCS installations.

  • Hot dip galvanised – the best you can get! For longer term durability and superior corrosion protection over cold dip supports
  • Proven weight loading between five to eight tonnes (depending on support size)
  • Weight load-tested and verified under the NCC Approval Scheme
  • Permanently weight load stamped
  • Reinforced welded (as opposed to spot welded) in key areas for fortified and consolidated support
  • Available in five different sizes with thread mechanism for precision fit and to accommodate all types of park homes and scenarios
  • Professionally installed by PHCS team

The new National Caravan Council (NCC) Code of Practice 501 requires “…all axle stands be independently tested and the maximum safe working load should be clearly shown on the stands (e.g. stamped or permanent label)”


If the home has become uneven, it could be sloping from end to end, or side to side and possibly have a sinking feeling. This is an indication that the home needs to be re-levelled.

Generally this will be as a result of inadequate and insufficient supporting in strategic positions for the home, or that the supports have become corroded which has weakened the supporting function and has caused some subsidence.

Another reason may be that the surface on which the home has been sited is unstable or un-level. Even new sites can experience cracked concrete bases.

If you are concerned about inadequate supporting of the home, the home feeling un-level, or the home is creaking or groaning from underneath, please contact us or call us on 0333 456 3056 for advice.

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