PHCS SnuggerFLOOR Underfloor Insulation

Kick off your slippers and enjoy warmer floors and a cosier home!

PHCS SnuggerFLOOR is the leading park home underfloor insulation system. It is designed with superior materials to provide maximum warmth and long term performance.

Many park home residents experience cold floors and draughts due to the (necessary) free air flow beneath the home and exposure to the elements.

SnuggerFLOOR is the only fully SEALED and BONDED system to eliminate all air gaps and draughts, without compromising health and safety standards and air ventilation.

  • Many years of proven results and customer satisfaction
  • Eliminates cold air and draughts from penetrating floorboards
  • Creates warmer floors
  • Increased temperature and heat retention in the home
  • Reduces fuel bills
  • Moisture and rodent resistant
  • Softens noise levels
  • Site survey carried out with written quotation prior to any work commencing
  • QICA accredited

SnuggerFLOOR is QICA accredited. It comes with a 10 year guarantee and is transferable with the home.

The PHCS team are very experienced in installations for all types of park homes. They take great pride in their exceptional workmanship and integrity. A site survey is carried out before any installation work is carried out to ensure the system is suitable and bespoke to your individual home.

SnuggerFLOOR speaks for itself. Many hundreds of happy – and warmer – customers who are still singing its praises many years later.

If you would like to know more about SnuggerFLOOR or arrange a site visit please contact us or call us on 0333 456 3056.

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