14th February 2019

PHN Chassis Refurbishment 2019

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24th April 2018

Chassis Refurbishment

Your Chassis – the Unseen, Unsung Hero!

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19th June 2017

Heaven on Earth – What the Chassis Says

Or has five years of improvement tipped the balance? Ted and Joyce Smith moved in to their park home when it was just 8 years old. It’s a twin unit, spacious and on a secluded plot. Although very nicely decorated, Ted and Joyce wanted to put their own stamp on it. Over the last five years since moving in they’ve been busy […]

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23rd April 2017

Prevention Better than Cure

Prevention better than cure. We want to live by the seaside…..make it all smiles!

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22nd January 2017

Salt in the Wound

We want to live by the seaside! Sea breeze, lapping waves, glistening water, sun kissed sands, cliff top walks….it puts a lift in our walk, a high in our spirit.

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