It’s Life Changing!

Park home newcomer Clarence Oddman explains why moving to Oaks Park, in Surrey, has been the best decision he’s ever made…

My paradise
Clarence Oddman is just fifty two years old and moved to Oaks Park in Dorking, Surrey several months ago. “I absolutely love it and wish I’d done it sooner!”

This is the start of a new beginning for Clarence who has lived much of his life in the fast lane and has experienced some traumas on the way. It’s time to bask in tranquillity, have a change of pace and appreciate the simpler things in life.

Motor mad!
It is not an exaggeration about the fast lane as Clarence has been passionate about motor racing since a child, both watching and participating. He actually drove for the RAC racing team at many charity events during his eleven years of employment.

It’s no surprise then that on leaving school Clarence undertook an apprenticeship as a technician for BMW and Porsche. He pays tribute to his late mentor, Tom Jack, who taught him everything he knew. Once fully qualified Clarence enjoyed various roles with key BMW dealerships around London.

His role at RAC was as a breakdown patroller which provided many happy years of freedom as his own boss out and about, customer interaction and the benefit of much customer relation training and skill development. It was at RAC that Clarence met his wife. He also afforded his very first flat in Croydon.

U turn
When all things looked bright and rosy, Clarence was hit with illness which required surgery and some rehabilitation time. A dramatic change of events whereby he had to leave the RAC, consequently losing the camaraderie and friendship he enjoyed with his colleagues – although some are in touch still today.

Later Clarence continued to work in the motor industry as a service advisor for a garage. This was many years of stress meeting timeframes and targets, let alone having to tell suspicious customers money needs spending on new tyres and other factors!

A spell of road test driving for Land Rover and then a significant health diagnosis really made Clarence re-evaluate his situation and needs.

A childhood dream comes true!
Since a young boy, Clarence was excited by park homes whether he saw them at the seaside or in the country. He vowed one day he would be in one!
Now single and with his flat sold, Clarence was keen to live nearer his family in Surrey. He has two younger brothers with whom he is close (he says they are much bigger than him so always feels safe in their company!)

Clarence had been looking at a host of park sites closer to his family but when his park home came up in Oaks Park he jumped at the chance.
“It’s a two bedroomed, beautiful, cosy home on a lovely tranquil plot. It has all the home comforts I could ever need”
Clarence had four pre requisites which were i) affordability, ii) condition, iii) two bedrooms, iv) plot. It ticked them all!
The home is wrapped in a pretty, small and secluded garden. Having never had a garden before, Clarence is excited to embrace the prospect.

Solid, stable and prepared
The pleasing décor of the home requires no attention but Clarence wanted to be sure of the condition of the chassis and underside of the home due to its importance to the whole structure of the home and called Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS).
“Dave, Director of PHCS, was so helpful and polite. He installed me with total confidence and peace of mind that all is well under the home for the foreseeable future”

Clarence also had the PHCS SnuggerFLOOR under floor insulation installed to keep the floors warm and the home to retain heat. “I did this as preparation for the future”

Since PHCS did the work the home feels more stable and solid. “I’m not just saying this but all the PHCS guys were fantastic! Really helpful, polite, clean and explained everything every step of the way”

Brand new start!
Oak Park provides the calm and peace to enable Clarence to slow his pace and relax. The neighbours are friendly, genuine and welcoming. Right from the outset Jean, Frank, Pat and Alan have been on hand to help and generous in their advice. Residents on the park have made Clarence feel a sense of belonging and gratified that everyone is of the same mind set.
“I’ve never quite experienced this affability before, and when I am in the garden passers-by stop and chat! It’s wonderful.”

The park itself is blessed with trees and soothing greenery. It is surrounded by open fields and stunning countryside beckoning walkers and ramblers to explore. Although Clarence has never been a walker before, he soon will be!

Humble and happy
It’s all falling in to place. Clarence has just started a new part time job. You’ve guessed it! It involves driving but it’s in a mini bus to transport children from the local school. With the calm of home he can enjoy the contrasting exuberance of youth for several hours a day!

This new life style enables Clarence to focus on family time and other leisure pursuits such as his annual visit to watch the Le Mans 24 hour motor race. He also is occupied with his new little kitten called Bubbles who is getting used to her new environment. Clarence plans to resume his DJ’ing mainly for friends and family and perhaps some evening work. With all his nephews, nieces and cousins there is little doubt he will get booked up pretty quickly.

Clarence has been dealt some blows along the way but they’ve been lessons learned and some things you thought important turn out not to mean much at all. Right now, life couldn’t be happier and as Clarence sums up, “I have my cake and am eating it…and every spoonful counts!”