Jet setting ex-air stewardess has first class landing at Broadway Park in Petersfield, Hampshire

Caroline Krieger is great fun to be with! She has had a varied life to date, often jetting off to and residing in different countries. She talks of hertimes with humour and humility.

Caroline was born in Birmingham but spent her early youth in Hong Kong where her father held a post within the Hong Kong government. She returned to UK to attend prep and secondary boarding school which she detested! Caroline finally left under a cloud when she announced her intention to become an air hostess. Seemingly not the right career move for an educated girl!

Caroline’s quest to become a stewardess was not without strife. Following a short stint working in the Stillroom at Gleneagles, Scotland, she moved back to Hong Kong to pursue her aspiration. Not speaking a second language was the first obstacle. For an interim period Caroline worked for the Lutheran World Service caring for children of very poor families, many with drug addicted parents. It was a highly rewarding and humbling experience.

Aged 18, Caroline eventually gained employment at Qantas Airlines as a ground stewardess. She had been put on a training scheme within the ticketing office which she enjoyed, but to realise her dream of flying she would need to move to Australia and chance her promotion.The gamble was too great.

Determination prevails

Caroline moved back to the UK and began knocking (more like hammering!) on the doors of BOAC. It proved an incredibly slow process but eventually in April 1968 Caroline commenced her six week training programme at London Heathrow. Caroline served on long haul flights, initially in economy class and later progressing to first class.They were exciting times, experiencing travel, culture, new people and parties! On one trip to South Africa, Caroline met with an ex-boyfriend; romance rekindled she was soon married and relocated there. Caroline gave birth to lovely daughter Antonia. Sadly the marriage ended and as Antonia had been suffering ill health, Caroline decided to move back to Scotland.

Feet firmly on the ground

Based in Dunblane, Caroline embarked on a new career path. She enrolled on a three year HND course in hotel management and catering at Queen Margaret College.

For 12 years Caroline worked as the catering and domestic bursar at Beaconhurst Grange. She would have been Jamie Oliver’s idol! All meals were cooked from scratch all with fresh produce. She was a ‘hands on’ cook for over 200 covers, with two sittings a day. At times the broth pots were so heavy the handyman had to be called to lift them! Much like the old Victorian kitchen with antiquated equipment, gas cooking pipes regularly leaking, and little promise of upgrade or modernisation, it was time to move on.

Caroline continued to work in the catering industry taking on new roles and challenges. Caroline lived in a quaint stone cottage with an enchanting and delightful garden tended lovingly by Caroline and her long term, and once in a lifetime, partner Reg. Times together were fun and magical with many enjoyable holidays spent together in various different countries over the years.

A new start

Two years ago Caroline was facing life alone. She had lived in Scotland for 37 years and had always wanted to move back to her roots in England, and especially to be close to her daughter, Antonia. Caroline held childhood memories of holidays with grandparents and

relatives  close to her heart. She was  a country girl and the lure of the English climate and Hampshire countryside initiated her search for a new home. Caroline was certain of her criteria: to feel safe, in quiet surroundings, with similar age group, in a rural location and a new build (she’d had enough of listed buildings). It soon became apparent that a park home fulfilled Caroline’s requirements.

Standing on the empty plot at Broadway Park, Petersfield, Caroline burst into tears. It was meant for her. (She laughs…she hadn’t noticed the nearby oak trees that now create much leaf collection in the autumn months and some unwanted shading!) Caroline spent just half a day at Tingdene’s visitor centre to design her dream home.

Additional bay windows were included, through which light now illuminates the many beautiful ornaments, furniture and stunning watercolours painted by herself. Caroline has created a charming garden area with many potted plants and flowers.The home is simply lovely and is Caroline’s sanctuary of calm and peace.

Cold  patches banished

Fortunately Caroline experienced few snags with the new home. However she had been experiencing cold patches under foot throughout the home.‘The walk-in wardrobe was absolutely Baltic! As was the draught by the oven door.’

Thankfully, that’s all disappeared since Caroline had the PHCS under floor insulation system installed. Recommended by other residents, the PHCS system has provided immediate warmth and draught free benefit. Added to which, the floor is better to walk on and feels more solid.

Caroline enthuses about the Park Home Chassis Services team, their professionalism and politeness. Likewise, they raved about Caroline’s delicious freshly baked scones!

‘At home’

Caroline feels at ease and settled on Broadway Park. She is surrounded by great neighbours ready to help should the need arise and she has joined local groups for Pilates and painting. Gardening continues to be her passion. Caroline has also continued her travels, most recently a river cruise round trip from Holland to Belgium.

She is a first class lady!