Every reason to celebrate!

Downsizing to their wonderful park home at Hollingworth Lake Caravan Park, Adele Cooke and partner Bob have gained financial freedom to enjoy peace of mind and more holidays!

Adele and Bob saw first-hand the joys of park home living when Adele’s mum moved from her home town Rochdale to a park home near Newquay at retirement age. A brave move in many ways but she instantly settled and made friends; a great testament to park home life.

Adele is a talented and driven lady and it comes as no surprise that she is reaping the benefits of hard work and commitment. Adele grew up and was educated in Rochdale. Her first job after leaving school was to work as a weaver at the local mill. Whilst not a long term career path for her, Adele had fun working there, made friends and met her partner Bob of twenty two years. Bob still works at the mill as a loom technician.

Between Adele and Bob they have owned several large houses, during which they have brought up two daughters and one son. (They now have five grandchildren; four boys and a girl). The first house Adele and Bob purchased was a very large Victorian terraced house in which they resided for eleven years and thereafter a modern four bedroomed home in Milnrow for over six years.

Adele and Bob decided to downsize as their needs were changing but complications relating to leasehold issues on their home took longer than hoped and they lost the property they were intending to buy. I nearly said ‘sadly lost’ but fate plays its hand and as they started to look at other properties for sale such as bungalows they stumbled upon their cherished park home!

The park home at Hollingworth Lake Caravan Park looked good on paper but once Adele and Bob had viewed it they totally fell in love with it! They moved in a year ago in September 2017.

Very happy where I’m at!

Life, home and work are all looking pretty good for Adele right now! At thirty five years old, Adele embarked on a new career with the NHS. She started in the cardiology at basic level 1 and has resolutely worked her way up to becoming a cardiac sonographer.

Adele started working at Rochdale Pennine Trust and during this time she gained a BSc Honours degree as a cardiac physiologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, whilst still working. (Adele does pay great tribute to Bob for all his help at home and with the children during this challenging time!)

Adele later moved to Salford Royal hospital where she trained and qualified for her current position. The responsibility of working in a cardiac unit, scanning people’s hearts and writing the reports, is highly pressurised and stressful. In fact Adele says there’s not enough sonographers in the country, let alone at Salford Royal. However the team pull together, generally working extra hours, and for the time being, Adele is content in her work and the value it brings to people. Longer term Adele may consider working in a self-employed capacity but this is for future consideration.

There’s some more immediate celebrations to focus on right now! After twenty two years of being together, Bob has recently proposed to Adele and wedding plans are underway for later in the year. I’m sure many of their neighbours will be thrilled to celebrate the fantastic news!

I’ve never known so many neighbours in my life!

Adele is gladdened by the kindness and affability of the residents at Hollingworth Lake Caravan Park. Even before moving in, neighbours approached them and invited Adele and Bob in to their park homes. When they did move in, they were touched by the number of welcome cards from lots of residents detailing their names and contact numbers. The greeting by everyone was astounding with a special mention of neighbour and friend Pat who provided coffee and delicious shortbread to fuel them whilst moving in!

Hollingworth Lake Caravan Park sites about 40 park homes, in a lovely rustic and authentic setting. Adjacent is a small area for camping and motorhomes but it remains separate and doesn’t infringe on the naturalness and calm of the park site. From their park home, Adele and Bob are able to enjoy the wildlife of hares, rabbits and occasional deer. Their neighbour has a resident woodpecker residing in the garden!

The park site is only about a five minute walk to Hollingworth Lake itself, an outstanding 130-acre reservoir at Smithy Bridge. Adele and Bob take full advantage of the abundance of country walking available.

Secure from the bottom up!

Adele and Bob’s park home was thirty two years old when they purchased it. It had previously been a one bedroomed home that had been tastefully extended to two bedrooms, with a large front room and modern fitted kitchen and bathroom. The garden borders the home on all sides, to include a parking area. It’s not huge but that suits Adele and Bob just fine as gardening isn’t really ‘their thing’!

The home wasn’t surveyed prior to purchase and on moving in Adele and Bob were aghast to discover the roof was badly leaking. Further help was at hand from land owner Frank, and son Adam, who did their best to help resolve the leak for which Adele and Bob were very appreciative. Fortunately the overall damage had not been too great but it did trigger Adele and Bob to have a new roof, windows and doors fitted. More recently they have enhanced the outside with new decking and are about to upgrade the exterior with new cladding.

Importantly Adele had become aware of the significance of the chassis under the home and its fundamental function of supporting the home. The chassis and supports are the foundation on which the whole home sits and as Adele researched more she became more in need of knowing that the underside was in sufficient condition to ensure their home was safe. As a park home ages, there are more reasons for the chassis to become compromised and for rust inset to occur which weakens the structure.

Adele was diligent in her research of companies and selected Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS) as they are dedicated specialists for the underside of park homes and she had been impressed by the amount of highly commended reviews.

PHCS initially conducted a full underfloor survey to ascertain the condition of all aspects under the home and provided a fully detailed written report of the findings. “Although the chassis was found to be badly corroded and the supports needed replacing, I had peace of mind that I knew exactly what the condition was like, what was required and that it was all being handled by PHCS, a trusted professional company”. 

The chassis refurbishment included the removal of the surface rust on the chassis, repainting with rust inhibitor paint and the home being fully re-supported. It’s important to ensure sufficient supports in the right places under the home, to the correct tolerances of the home. PHCS HD supports are highly acclaimed for their NCC verification, hot dip galvanised and superior manufacture and design.

Not only did the home feel more stable and solid after the refurbishment, the squeaks underfoot had also disappeared.

A winter not to be repeated!

Adele and Bob’s first winter in their park home was a shock to the system! In fact neighbours say it was the worst winter at Hollingworth Lake Caravan Park for at least ten years!

They experienced the cold ‘beast from the east’ and heavy snow. For three days over Christmas Adele and Bob were without water as their pipes had become frozen. A kind hearted neighbour invited them in for tea and toast and a shower – Adele declares it was the best shower she’d ever had!

When Adele and Bob learned more about PHCS SnuggerFLOOR underfloor insulation they realised this was their solution to cold floors and to combat any future winter chills. SnuggerFLOOR is the leading under floor insulation system with exceptional reviews affirming increased warmth and heat retention in the home, elimination of draughts through the floorboards and reduction in fuel bills.

“With PHCS SnuggerFLOOR we are prepared for whatever weather is thrown at us! Our experience of PHCS has been really positive. The installation team were polite, answered any questions we had and explained what they were doing at every process”. 

Congratulations and celebrations!

Not only does Adele excel in ambition, she also excels in competitiveness! After a demanding day at work, she spends several evenings a week (some weekends too!)  playing crown green bowls which is played outdoors on grass. Adele is passionate about the game and plays regularly in a league and competitions. Only last Sunday she won a competition!

Bob often refers to himself as a ‘bowling widow’ but fortunately he is supportive and happily spends time riding his motorbike!

Adele and Bob are now able to plan more holidays and leisure time. A favourite holiday destination is Majorca but they have spent enjoyable times in Florence, Venice and other vibrant and interesting cities.

But there’s one main exciting focus right now and that is their wedding day! It will be a wonderful day where family, friends and neighbours can share in their celebration and happiness.

We all wish Adele and Bob many congratulations. (She’s not letting on where the honeymoon will be by the way…!)

In a Nutshell

  • Adele and Bob are very content to have chosen park home living a year ago
  • Their decision to move was to achieve financial freedom and the peace of mind that brings in turbulent economic times
  • Adele realised the importance of the condition of the chassis under the home and was very selective in choosing Park Home Chassis Services (PHCS) to undertake the survey and refurbishment works
  • They are also happy to have installed PHCS SnuggerFLOOR underfloor insulation to keep them warm and snug in colder climes!